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Do you want to join the official JiDion Discord server? Well, no more worries, finally you are at the right place on the web. In this detailed guide, we’ll not only share with you the official Jidion discord server link but we’ll also explain you what this Discord server has to offer and why you should join it.

JiDion Discord Server – A Complete Guide

Jidion is a very popular American Youtuber who has built a huge fan following on the internet for his pranks and vlogging videos. His content mainly focuses on funny pranks and comic videos.

jidion discord server link

Because he goes out in public places and pranks people, it is obvious that he has been in a few controversies as well. But still, this doesn’t really affect much on his digital growth. He has gained a huge fan following on his YouTube channel, Tiktok, & Instagram all because of his pranks.

Let’s talk about his numbers and his social media stats.

JiDion Social Media Stats

JiDion’s social media fan following is very huge. On each of the platforms, he has posted a ton of content to support these numbers. Let’s talk about all of his social media handles & their growth.

As of now, JiDion’s youtube channel has over 6 Million subscribers and he receives around 4 million views per video on average. If you look at this ratio, it is really amazing. This means that more than 50% of his audience regularly watches his content.

On Instagram, JiDion isn’t really much active, he has published just 9 posts on his handle. But he keeps publishing stories to keep his audience engaged and updated with his upcoming content pieces. Although he doesn’t post much, still he has over 2 Million followers base on Instagram as well.

JiDion’s Twitter handle has over 600K fans followers and he sometimes tweets about his personal interests like FIFA, Football, etc. I believe that’s enough for you to know how strong of a fanbase he has on each of these platforms.

How to Join JiDion Discord Link?

If you want to join the JiDion discord server but are not able to find the official link, or don’t know what is Jidion discord name, don’t worry, we are here with the official and working JiDion Discord Invite link. All you need to do is just tap on the below Join button.

Currently, JiDion’s discord server has over 82,000 members which is a really huge community to interact with. Once you join the discord server, you do not easily get access to all of his Discord channels. You’ll first need to verify your account.

jidion discord link

Well, do not worry, it’s a very simple process, you just need to simply tap on this checkmark button in the #verify channel. Once your account is verified, you can interact with his community members and see updates on all of his discord text & voice channels.

join jidion discord

Talking about the perks, there are a lot of different channels where you can interact with members. For e.g, there’s a #prank-ideas text channel where you can give him pranking ideas for upcoming videos. Not just that, then there are subscriber videos, fan art, game recommendations, etc. as well.

Well, if you are a true JiDion fan, it is definitely worth it to join his discord server and get access to all of this secret content that not most people are aware of.

You know it right, he has over 6 million fanbases on YouTube but only 80,000 members on Discord, it’s because he doesn’t promote his Discord much and people aren’t aware of it.

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But now you know about it, and we have also given you the official JiDion Premium Discord server link if you want more Discord tutorials & guides, or more popular Discord server links, keep visiting The Discord Guide!

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