How to Black out Text on Discord? (Discord Spoiler Text)

Have you seen some people send black-out text messages on Discord and when you tap on the message, then the text gets visible? Well, if you want to learn how to black out text on Discord, this guide is for you, keep reading.

Black Out Text on Discord

Basically, it is a Discord feature using which you can send hidden text messages inside a black box. This is just another feature to send spoiler text messages just like the Discord Spoiler Image feature.

In case you want to learn how to spoiler an image on Discord, feel free to check out this article as well.

Anyways, coming back to today’s topic. Today you will get to learn three different methods to black out text on Discord to send Discord Spoiler Text.

How to Black out Text on Discord?

Well, there are a couple of different methods to send spoiler text on Discord. Depending upon what device you are using the Discord app on, you can use any of our methods to black out text on Discord. Let’s start with our first method.

1. Spoiler Text Feature

If you are using the Discord app on PC, then you can use the inbuilt Discord feature to hide text messages before you hit the send button.

Basically, all you have to do is type in your message into the chatbox & you don’t have to directly send it. Instead, now use your mouse to select your text. Also, you can just double-tap using the mouse around the text. But do not use the ‘Ctrl+A’ keyboard shortcut, as the trick won’t work in that case.

When the text gets selected/highlighted, you’ll see a couple of more options in a floating window. Here you can customize your text as Italic, Bold & all other regular stuff. But you need to click on that eye button, this will make your text hidden, to other users and you can now hit the send button.

2. ‘/Spoiler’ Command

There are a lot of commands that you can type into the Discord chats to control bots or to use any Discord feature. In case you are not on a computer, then the eye button trick would not work there.

So if you want to know how to spoiler text on Discord Mobile, you can use a very short command to black out text on the chats. All you need to do is simply, type ‘/Spoiler’ before your text and this will convert your message into a spoiler text message. For e.g, ‘/Spoiler Hey, Iron man is coming back’.

Just type ‘/Spoiler yourmessage’ and send it into the chats. This is a shortcut command using which you can use the Discord Spoiler Text Generator Feature easily on the Discord Mobile app.

3. ||Vertical Bar|| Message

If you have used the above-mentioned methods till now, you already know that when you use the eye button to generate spoiler text, the text gets wrapped between ‘||’. It is called ‘Vertical Bar’ on the computer keyboard keys.

So if you are on Discord mobile or even on a computer, instead of using the Eye button spoiler attachment feature, you can directly surround your message with ‘||’ two vertical bars and then send it in the chats.

This is one direct way by using which you can easily send hidden or black-out spoiler text messages on the Discord Mobile & PC app.


The black-out text feature on the platform is one of the very useful features of Discord. Not most of these social media sites have such awesome spoiler attachment features.

In this quick guide, you got to learn three different ways how to spoiler text on Discord Mobile & computer. If this guide was useful, do let me know your opinion in the comments.

This was it for today’s tutorial on how to black out text on Discord. For more awesome Discord & Gaming content, do subscribe to our notifications.

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