How to Contact Discord Support Team? (3 Best Ways)

There can be multiple reasons you may need to contact Discord support. If there’s something serious like your account getting disabled, you keep waiting for their reply desperately. If you are wondering how long does it take for Discord support to respond, this guide is for you.

Not just Discord support response time 2022, but we will also tell you How to Contact Discord Support team if you have any technical issues or you need urgent assistance with your account.

There are various methods you can use to contact the Discord support team. I have personally contacted them through all the methods, so I’ll also let you know which is the fastest and easiest way where you’ll receive the response quickly. Let’s get straight into it.


How to Contact Discord Support? (3 Best Ways)

How to Contact Discord Support team

Discord offers multiple ways through which you can reach out to the support team to have your queries and issues resolved. Sometimes it takes much longer than expected depending upon your current geolocation.

If you are wondering how long does discord support take, well it can take surely between 24 to 48 hours. Again, it might take more than a few days depending upon your location and support load.

Here are the best ways to contact the Discord support team.

1. Discord Support – Submit a Request

One of the easiest ways to contact Discord support is by filling out the submit a request form. Here’s the direct link to Discord Support – Submit a Request Page.

Discord Support - Submit a Request

There are multiple options you can select from the drop-down menu depending upon your issue. All you need to do is fill up the form with all the details, screenshots, e-mail, subject & description to help the support team understand your issue clearly and get it resolved quickly. You can also use this method to change your age on Discord.

I have tried several methods, this one is so far the best way to contact Discord support as they quickly respond to you within working Discord support hours. Not just that, as you fill all the necessary details properly, your issues resolve a lot more quickly than with any other method.

2. Discord Support Twitter

Twitter is so far one of the world’s biggest social media. Unlike other platforms, Twitter is something where serious things take place. Every brand has a Twitter handle where people can tag them & tweet their issues so their support team can resolve their queries.

Discord also has a support Twitter handle. All you need to do is tag them in your tweet and type in all your queries, and issues, explaining everything briefly. If possible, do attach screenshots as well explaining your issue, so they better resolve your problem.

Discord Support Twitter

As Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms, brands take Twitter queries seriously and try to resolve them quickly. Else, it takes no time for them to become another meme on the Internet.

That’s why Discord support Twitter is another very great method to get your issues resolved quickly in no time. Again, it still takes 24-48 hours to receive any reply. Most probably, they’ll reply to you back with your query or forward your issue to the internal support team.

3. Discord Support Email

Discord has an official support email where you can contact them through e-mail for any kind of issues, support, or assistance. You can easily contact Discord through email at [email protected]

It might take some time to receive a reply but stay assured that your issues will definitely be resolved after the support team looks into your matter.

Just type an e-mail message explaining your issue along with the attachments and send it to the Discord support email address. You’ll receive a response in a few days.


1. How long does it take for Discord support to respond?

Generally, Discord takes anywhere between 24 to 48 hours to respond to particular queries. But depending upon your geolocation and support queries load, it might take a few days sometimes.

2. Does Discord have a Live Chat Support system?

Well, till now there’s no official live Discord support chat system. But you can contact them through several methods as explained in this guide.

3. Which is the best way to contact Discord support?

One of the best ways to contact Discord support is by using the Submit a Request consideration form. You can also tweet by tagging their Twitter handle or you can even e-mail your queries at [email protected]


Well, there are a few more ways to get Discord help. There is a Discord community forum where you can register for free and get help from other professional Discord users.

If you are a developer, then just like regular users, there is a dedicated Discord developer support page where you can explore more about your issue and even contact the support team.

It can be hard to resolve technical issues yourself, it’s a good decision to directly contact the Discord support team to get your account glitches resolved.

Especially, if your account has got disabled and you believe this is by mistake. You must contact Discord support to get your account back. If you haven’t done anything wrong, don’t worry you’ll get your account soon.

I have tried each and every method and so far the best method to contact Discord is the Submit a Request form page. I highly recommend you to go with that method as you’ll receive a response very quickly.

I hope now you have learned how to contact Discord support & we also explained 3 different easy methods to contact the support team. For more amazing content like this, subscribe to The Discord Guide!

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