How to Ghost Ping on Discord? (2 Easy Tricks)

Well, you get pinged a lot in a Discord server but you don’t know who did that as when you get into the server, you see no message there with your account mentioned in the chat.

This is popularly known as Ghost Ping, where the other user does not get to know who pinged them. If you want to learn how to ghost ping on Discord, make sure to stick till the end of this guide. Let’s begin!


What is Ghost Ping?

A Ghost Ping is a notification that you send to a user on Discord but the person who receives it does not get to know who sent the message/ping to them.

You can use this awesome trick to have some fun with your friends. Mostly, people use it to just prank their friends on Discord, but you should never misuse the trick to annoy some user on the platform.

However, Discord is very strict with their policies but in case someone is sending you ghost pings continuously on Discord, keep reading as I’m going to tell you how you can block ghost pings as well in this guide.

How to Ghost Ping on Discord?

We previously published a guide on how to ping someone on Discord. Well, in this tutorial I am going to share two tricks with you to send ghost pings on Discord to prank your friends. Both of the tricks have their own advantages, so you can use any of them as you need.

Method 1: Message Delete Trick

Well, this is the most simple trick that you can use to send ghost ping to your friend on Discord who is on the same server. The trick is to just delete the message before they’re able to view it.

As you already know, when you delete any message on Discord chats, the message gets deleted for all the users including you as well. So no one is able to view the message after it is deleted by the user.

How to Ghost Ping on Discord

Just type the message which you want to send and tag the user to whom you want to send the ping. You can tag any user by using @userID.

How to Ghost Ping on Discord 2022

Send it to the server and the person will instantly get a ping on their device with your message. But make sure you quickly delete the message before anyone sees it.

Method 2: Discord Ghost Ping Script

In case you are looking to copy and paste Discord Ghost Ping Script, then we have got you here. So basically, there’s a ghost ping script that I’ll share with you that you can just copy, paste & customize the message as per your preference.

The advantage of using this trick is that you won’t even have to delete the message. Instead, your message will stay in the chat but this code hides your tag with the user ID that you mention in your message.

So here’s the ghost ping copy and paste script that you can download from here.

Simply, copy the text script from the above link, and paste it into your Discord chat.

discord ghost ping script

You can type your message in place of ‘MESSAGE’ and mention the user account in place of ‘@USERID’. Once you send it in the chat, the ‘@USERID’ part does not appear in the sent message.

So that is how you can ghost ping someone on Discord by just copying and pasting a simple script that I have provided to you. Make sure you do not misuse this method to annoy any user but you can have fun pranking your close friends.


Ghost pings on Discord are a bit annoying. You can use this awesome trick to prank your friends. In case you’re really looking to prank your friends, then try these awesome Discord TTS Trolls.

So in this tutorial guide, you got to learn two different ways how to ghost ping on Discord. You can try using both of these tricks in case you’re getting errors using one.

For more Discord tutorials & guides, stay tuned with The Discord Guide!

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