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You already know it’s pretty easy to share links on Discord Servers. But have you ever noticed a new trend where people even share hyperlinks in Discord? In case you don’t know about it, here is our simple guide on How to Hyperlink in Discord Servers.

There are several tricks that people do in Discord Servers. From adding music bots to a lot of advanced stuff. If you want to stay updated with the latest tutorials and tricks about Discord, make sure you stay tuned with The Discord Guide!

how to hyperlink in discord

Discord hyperlinks are a really trending topic these days. Some people know this trick but most of the users don’t. But don’t worry as here we will guide you properly on how to hyperlink in Discord.

Today, in this guide, you will get to learn two different methods by using which you can easily create hyperlinks in your Discord server and amaze your friends with this trick.

As you know there is no such way to create hyperlinks by using the in-built features of Discord. But there are two external methods that you can take into use to create and share hyperlinks within your discord server.

You can either use the Discord Hyperlink Bot called “Carl-bot” or the Discord Embed Link Generator. I am going to explain both the methods to you further in this guide.

But if you want a very simple solution to those ugly URLs, you can try using any link shortener service to beautify your URL and make it short & simple. But again, that is not a hyperlink, it’s a regular link.

So if you want to make hyperlinks in Discord, here are the two methods that you can use to do the same. Let’s get started with the Discord Hyperlink Bot.

If you are a Discord user, you already know there are a lot of discord bots available that you can install into your server to add more features to your server.

There are a couple of discord bots available online that actually allow you to embed links within the text and share them on Discord. We are going to take Carl-Bot as an example for this guide, as it’s one of the simplest and easy solutions ever for creating hyperlinks in the Discord server.

Just keep following the below steps and you can easily learn how to create text embedded links within your Discord. Here is our step-by-step tutorial on how to hyperlink in Discord using the Carl-Bot.

1: Head over to the Carl-Bot’s website. You can just click on this hyperlink to visit their website.

Carl-Bot’s Website Interface

2: Log in to Carl-Bot’s dashboard by using your Discord Account. Just click on the Login button, enter your Discord account credentials or you can even login now by scanning the QR by your Discord app.

3: Once you sign in with your account, you will be asked to select your desired server where you want to install the Carl-Bot to create a hyperlink in it. Just make sure you, allow every permission to the Carl-bot and authorize it to gain access to your server.

4: Here you will be asked if you want to customize more features of the Carl-bot. If you just want to use it for hyperlinks, click on the skip button.

5: This is what the Carl-bot dashboard looks like, from the left-side menu tap on the Embeds button.

6: In the description section, just copy and paste the below code.

Normal Text Message [Anchor Text](URL)

7: Replace the above code with your message, anchor text & URL. For e.g,

Hey! To read awesome Discord Tutorials visit, [The Discord Guide](

This code will look something like this,

Hey! To read awesome Discord Tutorials visit, The Discord Guide

8: After entering the code in the description, go to the Destination and choose your desired channel from the list.

9: Tap on the Post button to send this as a message in your selected Discord server’s channel.

10: Congrats, you’re done! You just learned how to create hyperlinks in Discord.

In case for some reason, the above method does not work for you. Here is another simple method by using which you can easily create hyperlinks in Discord. Let’s get straight into it.

1: Open the Discord app on your smartphone or log in to the Discord website.

2: Select the server where you want to share your hyperlink message and go into the server settings.

3: Search for the Integration option in the server settings, there you will find an option to create a new Webhook. You can also customize the name of the webhook or just enter anything.

4: After customizing the name, select the channel name from the drop-down section where you want to share the hyperlink message.

5: Copy the URL of the webhook you just created and head over to the website and click on the start button.

6: Paste the webhook URL into the Webhook URL box and scroll down a bit to find the embed section.

7: Tap on the ‘+’ icon to create a new embed message.

8: Leave everything as it is and just paste the same code that we used in the Carl-bot method into the description box.

9: Customize the code with your own message, anchor text, and the link which you want to share in the server.

10: Once you fill the description with code, scroll back up and hit the Send Message button. Congrats, you’re done.

In case you are not already aware of what a hyperlink is. Basically, a hyperlink is a clickable text which does not look like a normal regular URL or link. It can be any normal text like we read every day. For e.g, here is a hyperlink to our site’s Homepage.

Here if you click over this text, it will take you to our site’s homepage address that is:-

But if you look carefully, it does not look like a URL at all, it is a text which is linked to a page. I hope you have now understood what is a hyperlink. Let’s move to our next part how to make a hyperlink in Discord servers.

If you are looking for an in-built option inside Discord to create hyperlinks then let me tell you straight away that there is no such way by the time I’m writing this post. In case, Discord provides this future soon, we will update this article and let you know about it.

But if you’re asking is there any way to create a hyperlink in Discord? Then yes, there are several methods that we shared with you n this guide by using which you can easily create and share hyperlinks inside of Discord servers.

Discord has currently over 150 million+ active monthly users worldwide. From gamers to streamers, there are a bunch of different things for which people use discord these days.

The main reason why discord does not have hyperlink features is due to security reasons. If they officially give a feature to create hyperlinks in the chats, many people might misuse it to scam other users in the community. That is really not healthy for the overall community.

But if you just want to have some fun sharing hyperlinks with your friends on the discord server, this is the guide for you. Well, if you really want to have fun, try using these Funny Discord TTS Trolls on your server.


Discord is a really good platform to connect with gamers, streamers, and other fellow creators. But sometimes maybe for some security reasons, they do not provide even common features like creating hyperlinks.

But now you don’t need to worry as you just learned two simple and easy methods on how to hyperlink in Discord. Both of these tricks will work for any Discord app version or you can do the same by using the Discord website version too.

If you want to know how to send spoiler images on Discord, then do consider reading this article as well. I hope you find this article useful and now you have learned how to hyperlink in Discord. If you still face any kind of issue, just leave down a comment below. See you in another Discord Tutorial!

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